Certified Solid Fuel Burning Devices

All wood stoves and pellet stoves sold in the state of Washington must meet Washington emission standards (WAC 173-433). The particulate emissions must be less than or equal to 2.5 grams per hour for catalytic wood stoves and 4.5 grams per hour for non-catalytic wood stoves. Even if a particular unit is EPA-certified, it may not necessarily be Washington-certified.

Any new wood burning device sold, offered for sale, or given away to Washington residents must meet Washington’s standards. Even devices that are exempt from EPA certification must meet Washington standards. Wood burning devices include:

  • wood stoves
  • pellet stoves
  • wood furnaces
  • manufactured fireplaces

Pellet stoves are not exempt from Washington emission standards. All pellet stoves for sale in the state of Washington are subject to AAA testing to prove compliance with state law.

For additional information on certification in SWCAA's region (Clark, Cowlitz, Lewis, Skamania and Wahkiakum counties in Washington state) call 360-574-3058 or 1-800-633-0709. If you live outside SWCAA's region, please call your local air agency.