Proposed Agency Rules Under Development

Periodically SWCAA revises rules to be compliant with Federal and State regulation changes and may adopt more stringent local regulations. New and revised Rules under development are listed below:

SWCAA 476 - Asbestos, Demolition and Renovation

Reason/Description for Change: Removes encapsulation as a regulated activity, revises bulk sampling requirements for small projects, clarifies the need for SWCAA approval for project notices and clarifies a requirement for worker certification and identification cards.

Proposed Rule Text (CR-102): VIEW Final Rule Text: VIEW
SEPA Checklist: VIEW
SEPA Determination: VIEW
CR-101 Filing No: none
CR-101 Date Filed:
CR-101 Form: VIEW
CR-101 Rule Text: VIEW
CR-102 Filing No: WSR 19-22-040
CR-102 Date Filed: 10/31/2019
CR-102 Form: VIEW
CR-102 Rule TSD: VIEW
CR-102 Public Comment Start Date: 12/4/2019
CR-102 Public Comment End Date: 1/17/2020
CR-102 Public Hearing Date: 2/6/2020
CR-102 Public Comments: VIEW
Staff Contact Name: Wess Safford
Board Adoption Date: 2/6/2020
CR-103 Filing No: WSR 20-06-006
CR-103 Date Filed: 2/20/2020
CR-103 Rule Form: VIEW
CR-103 Rule Text: VIEW
Effective Date: 3/22/2020
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